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Do you want to join |SG|? Then fill in your application here. Before posting your application please read the sticky first!
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Dark Phoenix
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Apply to join

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Your in-game name : dArk Phoenix
First name:Manuel
Your age (How old are you?: 21
Your nationality:El Salvador
What games do you play?: Wolfenstein ET, League of Legends,Champions of regnum
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Re: Apply to join

Post by fANAT1C# »

Hello dArk Phoenix

Thank you for your application to join our community. The only requirement to meet is that you are atleast 16 years old and have 20000 XP. Because I did not yet enable XPSave on our NoQuarter server you probably will not have any XP for now. I will let your application open until you reach the required amount of XP on our server.

I'll come back to this later, if that is OK for you? :-)

Greetings Hedex
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